What To Do Before The Fresh WOTLK Classic Servers Are Launched?

Every video you look at telling you about things to do before Wrath of the Lich King or even while head posts all say the same sort of thing, get professionally done get loads of gold to buy stuff in Wrath, get your alts ready and whatever load of generic boring things you can think of, Well there ain’t going to be this video. So when it comes to things to do before Wrath of the Lich King actually launches firstly and probably most importantly to be sure to get done is your professions on all your characters because using them now to make gold ready for Wrath of the Lich King ticket, your dark moon car greatness is going to be really important.

What To Do Before The Fresh WOTLK Classic Servers Are Released?

That leads me nicely onto the second point getting loads of gold. I’m joking, I’m joking. Generic boring, I know. Let’s get into the roofing. So firstly, we’re gonna start with PvP, which is one that we don’t talk about on the channel that much and mainly because it’s not something I do on a regular basis. But capping Your Honor is going to be really important to go in in with the honor captured absolutely be possible in the transition from CBC to Wrath of the Lich King in 2008.

The honor was not reset. And there’s plenty of blog posts like this one stating that it wasn’t reset and there was no plans to reset it. And part of this has to do with the amount of cost involved in the items. So for example, for a 200 pair of hateful wrist is 31,600 honor for one item.

What Are The Names of The Fresh WOTLK Servers?

If you were to go for the bell, it’s almost 50,000. So you’re never going to be able to get more than one free item from your honor anyway. And yes, the amount of money you actually get in battlegrounds is quite high in Wrath of the Lich King to make up for these very very high cost items. But you gotta remember the high cost items like these are only high cost because they require no arena rating or no nothing you know, you can just bind with flat out honor and to show you what I mean by that if you look at like the hateful gladiator worm hide spaulders you can buy them for 31,600 honor or they’re a lot cheaper being only 9600 Honor, if you put some arena points in with it as well.

There is also the option to buy with emblems of valor. So there’s lots of ways to get this PvP gear but going in with the honor cap will ensure that you can at least get one item and the cap 75k By the way, but you might want to get 75 you might want to just get 50 kgs you’ve got your eyes on one item that you’re going to want quickly in Wrath of the Lich King.

So just getting 50k might be enough for you. And the next thing start stacking consumables that you ordinarily don’t use for raiding, but they will come in useful for leveling in wrath. So things like health parts you know if you use a Superman or parts or haste parts or whatever sort of pots you use, but you don’t use health parts regularly because all you’re using is Warlock stones, then stacking up on health POTS is just going to reduce downtime when you’re leveling so if you’re engineering getting injectors would be even better obviously and even swiftness pots you know, adding a big stack of swiftness pots and using them on cooldown while you’re running around killing mobs quest in whatever you’re doing absolutely worthwhile and picking them up now while they’re cheap, again will be worthwhile because as we get closer to Rafa more and more people start thinking about doing these things, they’re only going to go up in price.

Now I said he wasn’t going to talk about things boring that’s covered everywhere else like professions, but one thing I’m not seeing a lot of people talk about is the fact that your profession bonuses in Wrath of the Lich King, start at 400.

So things like the extra sockets for blacksmith in the shoulder and chant from inscription, big gems for your craft in the procs on your cloak for tailoring, your engineering gloves and rocket boosts and things like that all of those good things that we’re going to get him wrapped come around 400 skill level.

Now if you use Atlas loot, which is probably the easiest way to do it in game, and let’s say you’re an alchemist, having a look at what skill you can get to with the TBC crafting recipes is key because some of these don’t cost a lot you know if you wish to think about making flask have relentless assaults for example, let’s say you was planning on using those whilst you’re leveling as a rogue and maybe your alchemy this is just an example.

Rather than stacking up on the flats, their self you can stack up on the mats fellow as mana fissile Terracon and imbued vials stack up on enough mats to make them whilst you’re leveling while you got downtime you’re in a boat or you’re in Dalaran or you’re doing whatever you’re doing because these will go yellow or three nines and they go green at 397 So if you was to make these until free nine seven you only actually need three points from the new materials in Northland before you actually get your big profession bonus for most of the professions you could do the same thing with blacksmithing making Dawn steel braces for example or Swift steel braces or any of these way you can see that they don’t go green until 395 Don’t get me wrong, some classes are going to be far more expensive than others like I personally am doing engineering and enchant in this way so I plan on getting 390 Inchon in and engineering basically before even worrying about any nor friend materials which is going to not just cut down on cost but it’s going to cut down on time and I’m going to get that profession bonus quicker which is going to actually assist me in leveling faster definitely one worth thinking about and as I say looking at Atlas loop is probably the easiest way to do it.

One more minor thing about professions but getting herbs to max a scribe is gonna be important. You probably aren’t even considering this because you might not want inscription but trust me playing the let’s see if I can craft the nobles card game will not only make you some gold but benefit your guild or even your main if you need a Darkman car greatness so looking on any professional website and getting a rough idea on the mats that you’re actually going to need abnormal stockpiled now and then in the pre patch, just one of your outs just get Mac inscription and then even looking at the So again, once inscription is added to it during TBC, and getting it to 390, you know, you want to get to making the Darkmoon cards as quick as physically possible.

And then if you’ve got a bit of downtime or you’re bored or you know, you want to fly around, get some herbs, or even, you’ve got guys in the guild that are farming herbs, and you can be one of them. That’s milling the herbs to make the Darkmoon cards just really briefly, because this isn’t about inscription. But basically, to get the Darkmoon cards you mill herbs, you know, you mill five herbs at a time. So a stack, you’ll get four Mills, you create inks out of those, and then you create a Dharma and card and you’re hoping to get a nobles, not the nobles deck is what turns into the Dharma and car greatness, some of you will be bothered about achievements. And some of you won’t, if you are bothered about achievements, getting some of the boring ones out the way now, while there’s limited things to do will be ideal.

So things like Lawmaster and the Explorer, they’re a prime example. They’re time consuming. And the odds of you wanting to go back and spend that much time in the old zones when nor friends they’re waiting for you to explore is very unlikely, even reputations in getting mounts, or getting exalted achievements, wherever they’re all worth working on.

Now, to save time in Wrath, because you’re gonna have lots and lots of things to do in wrath. If this is something you’re looking at doing, I’d heavily recommend the add on all the things classic. So that’s ATT classic, you can filter by zone. So you can just look at Callum door, you can then go to Asheville, for example, see what achievements in Asheville you’ve not done.

So I’ve not on this character done explorer Ashenvale, you can look at the exact points that you haven’t explored. And it even gives you the coordinates, you can then look at the quests that you haven’t done. And again, it gives you the coordinates and a little brief introduction into what you’re meant to be doing.

So it’s a very, very, very useful tool for doing explorer and Lawmaster. Now, and as I say, if you’re just stood around in shatterer, like my Rogue is doing nothing, why not go and start on some of these achievements, because you might later on down the line be like, I actually wish I’d done that because now I’ve got a waste 3040 hours, you know, during rough when I could be writing or leveling, and I’ll go back and do this.

And I know this one gets mentioned everywhere. But it gets mentioned for a reason. Getting your Armani wore back from the Zed a time drum is going to be important, it’s only going to be important if you’re bothered about uncollectible items going forward, this is going to be something that you can’t obtain, or you shouldn’t be able to obtain, it should be removed with Wrath of the Lich King. So you can still do a timed run, but you just can’t get the mount anymore. And this obtaining the mount becomes a feat of strength. We got to remember it’s classic. So I don’t want to say you definitely need to go and get it because they could easily turn around and say well, no, we’ll just leave it in. You know, they’ve done crazy things over the last few years. Leaving this in wouldn’t surprise me at all. Same thing like with hand over Tao and champion of the NARUC you know they should be removed as well once we go into Wrath of the Lich King, but it it wouldn’t even surprise me if they got left in but we need to err on the side of caution and say they should be removed. So things like getting your hand of a delta or and champion at an arrow and getting the Armani war bear of course go and do it because they then become unobtainable anymore, but who knows they could quite easily still be in the game. Another one to consider is things like illusion dust small brilliant shards for the 100 health on chest you will be able to put these onto a scroll and sell them on the Auction House Of course, you can get the major manner as well, which is three greater eternal essence and a small brilliant shard for 100. Manor on chest things like Crusader so righteous orbs, large brilliant shards, life stealing, we’ve set for six large, brilliant shards, essence of undeath and living essence, enchant weapons spellpower, which is quite a pricey one, but people are gonna be buying them. And why heirlooms if you can start farming some of these mats now, especially if you’re an enchanter, so you can then just bang them on scrolls, when the scrolls come in the game and put them on the Auction House, the people who are getting their airline weapons, they’re gonna want good in chance to go on air, air and weapons, then goes if you’re an engineer making scope, make the good scopes, but don’t have a level requirement for the item. Because that’s important. You can’t go put a mongoose on these weapons and stuff like that, and get them on the Auction House, but stocking up on these sort of mats now, so you can at least get them enchanted for cheap, or sell them out and make a lot of gold. There are things that are well worth getting ready now thinking about right first heirloom bits, I’m going to get his leather chest, let’s get 100 off on it, you know, I’m gonna get I don’t know the to one handed mazes or something like that, you know, and you’re going to want Crusader on both go in strap, get the get the orbs and things like that. Because at the moment, while people are not thinking about it, there’ll be cheap, you might even just be able to buy off the Auction House really cheap. Come, I don’t know, week three, week four of the Wrath of the Lich King, all of this stuff is just going to spike. And that’s about it. Really, I was going to include all the pre patch bits as well because I’ve got a lot of really good useful things about the pre patch, which trust me until you hear them you’ll be like, Oh, wow, we I didn’t know that. But they’re things that can just give you a little bit of an edge I suppose or things that you know, no one’s talking about, particularly if you’re Hoard. There’s a lot more hoard things in the pre patch and there is alliances which will make sense but I’m gonna do another separate video. I’m going to literally record it now. So I’m guessing that this will go out the next day that pre patch one will go out the day after this. This would be things to do in wrath. The next one would be things during the pre patch maybe I screwed up minor things to do in the pre patch because they’re not massive. But anyway, like I subscribe, roll the outro there’s lots of ways you to support the channel to keep me here putting out what a Warcraft content and covering all future MMOs consider joining the channel was a member you get access to emotes everyone will know you’re a member when you comment on future videos because you get a nice icon next to your name and you get access to members only videos which I’ll be putting a lot of on the channel throughout the year. Additionally, there’s a patreon link in the description as well. Thank you for watching all the way to the end and I’ll see you on the next one.

See the best WOTLK Classic Servers for 2022.


The Best WOTLK Classic Servers 2022

This video is sponsored by see top More than the latest Wrath of the Lich King servers we’re going to see them all and we’re going to show analyze the population of the mall and the way we’re going to do this is very simply by looking at a server list we’re going to check out see top 100 They have a list of all the private servers for each expansion stormforce furthering Okay, there you go look at this.

Look at this. Oh my lord, no cap. I don’t have an account for 14 yet. We gotta go all the way to work limit and see what the population is like. Let’s see a preliminary slash who I come to know these that slash who is also broken on the server, get them at you. Selfconscious pieces of do we are in? Or Greim I gotta stop the music in my stream.

Let me find a more accurate sound to describe this. Oh my god. Wait, wait, wait, there is a single survivor. How me Are you? Okay, how do you survive the apocalypse? Oh, you know, the last person online and the server is not talking to people. Okay, he’s the antisocial Okay, man.

Okay, okay. Okay, chat. I know he’s an antisocial but for bring is apparently an excellent choice if you’re an antisocial because you’re never gonna see another person again. So the server came out what, two months ago, maybe three months ago, I think two months ago. It is already there.

I’m gonna show you the website in our second store and forage for the ring. 213 Online. Yeah, make your own conclusions there. Pandaria said Well, it’s pretty good though. Okay, what’s the return we find on this list next watermain Okay, let’s check out watermain let’s see their website for us more than their seasonal server that’s the server we’re gonna choose to check out because it has the most people their other servers are like classic era and they have ice ground which is like a special kind of fan server.

We’re gonna ignore those who are going to go to their main flagship server and these pros mourn because it is a seasonal service and it is popping the most with new players for now. Let’s get to that and let’s check out the population wow this is actually a pretty slow day you know what do you know what they want to do we like yeah, that’s why man no this is actually pretty slow there’s no a lot of people here right now.

This is the hard side this is where most people hang out let’s check out the Alliance side Alex sensually success with me please help Oh, oh, we got somebody here begging for my help. Okay, okay. Okay. What do I do How can I help with this to need to send Medina live streaming right now?

Okay. Okay, guys, guys, guys, guys. This is completely unintended. I cannot do anything but this guy. I think he’s trying to say that you should subscribe to my channel. I cannot do anything about that. Okay, that’s not my doing this is this guy’s fault. Okay, yeah, this is the lie inside. I mean, it is pretty bizarre and I am not quite in in peak time right now.

I have definitely seen this bus a lot more all over came out. People are not too fond of old word apparently. But yeah, the server you can say is the population is free them substantial. I wouldn’t say this is the biggest server right now. The biggest server in revenue eliciting existing right now is Icecrown.

But I decided not to showcase icecrown because it is fully progressed. And what’s the point in playing there? Like I’m trying to help people researching servers by now the sponsor of this video is cheap top one your number one choice to find a World of Warcraft private server with a voting base directory and different sections for each expansion you can easily browse through a comprehensive list of World of Warcraft private servers, custom or vanilla G top 100 is also a great website to find servers for Habbo Hotel.

Maplestory, more online Runescape Minecraft Counter Strike and much much more. If your favorite server is not on this list, you can add it to the directory for free Cheatham, one So which servers should we check out next? Okay, so we’re gonna go back to the Wrath of the Lich King section.

And let’s see here. Wow, Romania. I never heard of this one before. Let’s check it out. Okay, this seems to be like a custom server. Okay, let’s check it out. Their website looks a lot sharper than all the other websites. This reminds me to like, Oh, see, ICD means Oh, look at this look, this is clean as hell.

You can just click on here and you copy the realm list right away. You know what, whatever opinion I have on the server later on. I gotta say this is the best website so far. There we go. Okay, so both their servers are all offline, guys. I think I have found the least toxic rattle elite scheme private server in existence.

Nobody’s Molina be in Russian. Nobody is telling me that I’m short and dumb. And they hate my videos in the year two West Coast out of 10 for this server. So let’s check out ultimo. Well, this is I believe the biggest Spanish only private server in existence right now. It says it has to be Gmail. What happens if I tried not to use Gmail because I think they are trying to freeze my account to sell it to a database or something.

Okay guys I am going to use my business account okay like if I get spam I’m gonna get spam at the one place where I always get the spam this is bad this is the email I got they sent me within the email my password on my account there’s a virtual regulations about these things you are supposed to just get a confirmation link it says the password doesn’t work block 934 then guys, what am I supposed to do here?

Okay, okay, again I cannot show this to you but this is my alarming I’m going to have to censor it. This is the website of the server you see that they are showcasing right here you see a sensor part that’s my IP they are showing that on the website your who relates to certain you will do something about it please Okay, this should exist where now is still so let me log in I went through all the hoops to change my password and it still doesn’t work apparently there is no option to delete your account in this place.

I cannot show it because they are showing my goddamn IP in the website guys. I am getting dogs and DDoS by the FBI because they go like Blizzard yay Oh this one is interesting through well bliss like ratha Lich King cetera since 2010 So they are through release like apparently nothing custom okay so they are steel pack writing these regularly apparently the last update is inmates they’ve been around since 2010 or something that’s pretty crazy unlike all the other servers these timers I was able to actually log in if I find somebody younger interview and this time because I want to see like what kind of people are playing on a 12 year old server these two weeks pretty the wild there is 17 People online okay this is a really old server so probably slash who works the intended way and that means that this is only harder and there’s probably like alliances somewhere else oh cool mount.

Are you as Kara Lord what are he will have the website they have a mountain of ice See you can buy every mount with real money Oh will you mind telling me why you play here at the moment tasting NIDDK for classic oh I am no here oh so he just bought all the gear okay that’s a little bit of of a letdown thank you for your time that’s a bit of a letdown I was hoping that he will be like a longtime player that could explain to me what is going on with the community here or something these guys apparently using this server to test keys class or something for bliss if classic but this is perhaps the oldest rather than risking server online Okay, let’s take out one last server let’s see okay here Dalaran Wow, so this server that people have been talking to me in chat actually that’s why I chose to pick it up here.

Let’s see Gina but I go into right now I am doing the same thing I am using dollar and wow in forex rates to level up quickly and try out classes I’ve never played before. But still lower libido and learn the class. Okay, so people are using servers like these fun servers to test out there the game before release King classic the server probably has an OK population as a matter of fact, oh my god, what is this? formulario like have you seen this?

The EVA put pronouns? You gotta you gotta put two separate security answers password user name, country of residence date of birth. Do you also want to know my my blood type and my soul? The axion guard they may guess I’m gonna have to hide the logins. Do it. Actually, what am I saying? I can just lie. I gotta call myself miss by the way.

Well, Chad, I am going to report that custom made all the way to Orgrimmar Okay, this one guy here that’s already a stepper. There’s two people. Oh my god, there’s three people. 154 people. That’s probably better than the Rosa right now. Yeah, the server isn’t exactly poppin either.

I don’t know Bella and Huawei everybody. At least it is more people than criminals for that that’s something you can put down on the website. Check this out. Check this. This is really weird. I was browsing through this the least. And I found this fairly now. Well, classic server now was like what the hell it is a teaser for a server that’s about to launch.

I tried to find out and I don’t remember exactly how I found this. If I type C NET G dot d G, it redirects me to this website that I’m talking about right here. Apparently synergy.gz is launching a new server again in nine days. And I never heard of it. The private server guy that neurotically browses the web server Reddit every day has not heard about this.


Full list of WOTLK Classic Servers 2022


I am not a data analyst. But I would say if I have three levers to describe the server, it will be the Oh, a the on arrival. I don’t understand why they don’t advertise. Okay, so I guess we also get a little bit of news from the top 100 By doing this video, synergy is rebranding and launching a new server is anybody cannot get away with it. Hello see anybody?

Well maybe there is 432 170 people through Wow 12 year old ritualistic server apparently 17 people we got that are unwell with 170 people which is pretty respectable given that they are a very old server and only goes to show how much of a failure for the Indies finally it doesn’t make me proud to say this warmane is blowing everybody out of the bad word 5000 concurrent players on the seasonal server about eight hours and on ice ground that’s just as crazy the number is probably you know that you read by and say these 4000 Sandestin impressive.

Oh and also I guess we got the old team oh well for Spanish players if you can log into it because I can’t and I tried and they probably stole my data but it’s fine though. This will be a very cool thing to have for the posterity to have people been able to check out in like a year from now what did servers look like before Classic WoW came out I’m gonna get the most URL here I didn’t get to see him YouTube I don’t think he’s got documented how the Manila private servers look like before classic well came out you would have loved to have somebody make a similar video of like what I’m doing here for vanilla we for classic came out just to know and people are going to be wondering how was it I know I do I know I get a little depressed and nostalgic every so often mean either way the private server community because nothing lasts forever.

Thanks for watching. If you like this video, please subscribe and join our discord in the pinned comment for we got a lot more gammy once again, I would like to thank Cheeto 100 for making this video possible. Check out the link in the description to find the ID and private server for you.

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